Bournemouth Oceanarium – An Aquarium like no Other!

Among the most well-known aquarium’s in the UK is the Bournemouth Oceanarium. It lies right on the beach in Bournemouth so it’s not something you can miss if you’re doing a beach day!. It is a popular traveler attraction for locals and immigrants with a stunning view into life under the sea. The aquarium has plenty of amusing activities in addition to the most beautiful sea animals.

Sea Life

Bournemouth Oceanarium is home to numerous sea creatures. While here you will have genuine encounters with crocodiles, clownish, different shark species, various stingrays and more!

If you have never ever seen a penguin up close then they also found at the Bournemouth aquarium. They are extremely friendly and good spirited. You can even go to the penguin feeding session that runs daily.

The other animals you might encounter are Cownose rays, upside-down catfish, southern stingrays, red devil eels, red devil eels, all kinds of sharks, piranhas and some Guitarfish.

The otter sanctuary is a special area setup just for otters. The kids will love this and when you are done and require a break why not drop the kids off at the Kids Play Zone and sip on a coffee outside with a lovely view of the beach.

As soon as you are finished with your coffee one last part of the Bournemouth Oceanarium you should check out is Crocodile Rocks to see some crocodiles. The kids will love it!

Digital Cage Diving

Something you might wish to do at the Oceanarium is an interactive cage dive. A very first of it’s kind internationally! If water is not your thing and you wish to remain dry then this is for you!

You’ll be submerged in an interactive experience with a 270 degrees digital cage dive. You are surrounded by three 50 inch plasma touch screen that you can tap to see more details about the sea animals that are swimming by you.

You will dolphins species, seals, turtles in your interactive experience among many more marvels of the deep! This technology also features a wonderful encounter with a Blue Whale!

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